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Pre/Post Natal Massage

Pregnancy is a time of great change and transition. It can bring incredible joy and excitement. It can also be challenging, uncomfortable and difficult. The human body is amazing and strong; it also needs nurturing and care, particularly while growing a new life.  

There are many benefits of Pre/Post Natal Massage not the least of which is simply having an hour or so to yourself to relax and switch off. Whether expecting for the first or fourth time, massage therapy is important for both mother and baby.  Consistent massage helps to reduce swelling and high blood pressure as well as ease musculoskeletal pain and discomfort.  It helps facilitate hormonal, respiratory and other prenatal physiological processes.

Since receiving my certification in 2009, I have gotten to work with countless women during and after their pregnancies.  I use both pillows and bolsters to keep you comfortable and safely supported.  This also gives you flexibility to be face down, in a side-lying position or semi-reclined depending on the stage of your pregnancy.  Whether you're developing sciatica, experiencing low back pain, have swollen ankles or are recovering from labour, a caring therapeutic massage will leave you feeling more agile, more relaxed and truly looked after.  

I am so grateful to work with women during this time in their lives. 

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