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Chinese Cupping

While cupping has been around for centuries, it is only in the last 100 years that it has been established as an official therapeutic practice. 

Glass cups are either placed on the body or are used in a gliding capacity to highlight and break up areas of stagnation and tension. I have been trained in Fire Cupping in which I use a flame to create suction in the cup and then place it on your skin. It is not hot on your skin and the flame is never near you. The level of suction can be adjusted throughout the treatment so that it suits you and your level of comfort. In this way, it can be best described as a reverse massage--rather than working into the muscles to break up adhesions, the suction of the cups pulls the muscle fibres apart. Cupping works on quite a deep level and can quickly provide pain relief, improved range of motion and relaxation. 

Cupping does often leaves marks of varying degrees of colour. Darker marks can take up to 10 days to completely return to normal. Cupping may not be suitable for all clients so it's important that we discuss your medical history and any conditions before booking you in. 

•Cupping sessions are offered in

30 & 45 minute sessions

•Cupping can be incorporated into any 60-75-90 minute massage sessions

•Pricing available upon request

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