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A New York transplant now living in West Didsbury, Lisa is the founder and principal massage therapist at brooklynwellnessMCR. 


Lisa enrolled in the massage therapy program at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in New York in 2007. The extensive 16 month program had a heavy base in anatomy & physiology, neurology and pathology which was crucial in understanding the intricacies of the human body and the way in which our internal systems and structures are effected.  Having studied both Eastern & Western modalities and theory, Lisa secured a great base of knowledge and skill from which to work as she settled into her own practice. 

Before relocating to Manchester, Lisa worked full time in New York both at a long-established massage studio as well as in private practice. She continued her study through the years in more focused areas even further developing her skills. While her client base tends to lean heavily towards expectant women, people dealing with specific and/or chronic pain and those training for sporting events, Lisa also works with a number of people who are simply just looking to relax. 

Massage has a vast and incredible scope to it; it is different each time.  

My work is very detailed and specific, soothing and therapeutic.  I work with you and tailor each massage to fit your specific needs and goals. It is your session and your time; this is about you. Building long-term relationships with my clients is a wonderful privilege and I feel fortunate to have been able to build these over the years I have been in practice.

I look forward to welcoming new clients, whatever their needs may be.

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