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•Bachelor of Science, Psychology, James Madison University, 2002

•Associate's Degree in Occupational Studies, Massage Therapy,

 Swedish Institute College of  Health Sciences, 2008

Licensing & Professional Organisations

•New York State Licensed Massage Therapist, 2009

•American Massage Therapy Association Member, 2009-2011

•National Association for Massage Therapy Member, 2011-2016

•Massage Training Institute Member, 2016-present


Certifications & Continuing Eduation


•Trigger Point Therapy, 2009

•Pre/Post Natal Massage Therapy Certification, 2009

•Massage for Migraines, 2009

•Certification for Infant Massage, 2012

•The PSOAS, 2013

•Myofascial Assessment of the Abdomen, Ribcage and Pelvis, 2014

•The Jaw, Ears and Base of the Skull: The Triad of Opportunity, 2014

•Emergency First Aid at Work, 2018

•Chinese Medical Cupping, 2019

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