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Are you looking to reward your employees for their hard work?

Do you have employees with repetitive use injuries?

Are employees taking time off due to work-related stress?

More and more companies are investing in their employees' health and wellbeing. While some are subsidising private healthcare and gym memberships, others bring in wellness professionals to address productivity and stress levels.  

Of the 31.2 million work days lost in 2016/17, nearly 70% of that was due to stress, depression or anxiety and musculoskeletal disorders. 

Stress, in the short term, can be a positive thing.  You are more alert, more responsive.  Chronic stress, however, can have a very real and negative effect on the body.  Whether you work at a desk everyday or are in a factory or on the road, repetitive motion and posture effects your muscles and connective tissue. Prolonged stress can effect anything from your digestive system to your sleep patterns to your central nervous system.  All of these changes will and do effect your productivity, concentration and overall ability to do your job well.

I offer a complimentary consultation so that we can discuss the specific needs of your business. This will allow me to create a bespoke wellness solution that will best suit your company's and employees' needs. Bringing massage and wellness into the office will help increase productivity, lower the amount of lost work days and lead to an overall healthier & happier work environment.

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